A birthday Dress

Birthday Dress

Everyone looks forward to celebrating their special day in style. Many of us start fantasizing about parties, guest lists, invites, and celebrations, months in advance. My client was one such young girl, stepping into her teenage years. I was tasked with making her a dress for her special day.

The idea was to design something which this young girl can carry confidently and elegantly. Since this was to be a surprise for her, I discussed the basics about the different aspects of the dress with her mother. I enquired about her likes and dislikes for any particular silhouettes and fabrics. I wanted to ensure the surprise was nowhere close to a shock.



Pink Dress

Through my enquiries and exhaustive discussions with her mother, I was able to understand that the young girl’s colours of choice were pink and white. With this information, I set out to acquire a beautiful fancy net with floral prints in the desired shades of pink and white. To match this, I selected a color of the skirt in georgette fabric to give a good fall.

I came up with multiple drafts for the dress and guided my tailor as to the making of the dress. After continuous efforts from me and the tailor, finally, the dress was ready. Though I was continuously monitoring the execution, I was not happy with the end result. Something just wasn’t complete.

I started looking for embellishments to enhance the look.  Beautiful dark pink crochet thread balls were the most appropriate. I got them stitched in a pattern that gave the effect of falling parts of the flower on the front of the dress. For the sleeves, we attached matching pink silk tassels in the golden metallic base.

As I looked at the finished dress, I was hopeful and optimistic about how it would be received. Upon delivering the finished product and seeing the young teenager twirl happily on her special day, I was overjoyed and honoured. It is always a designer’s dream to reflect one’s inner beauty on the outside!

Birthday Dress


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