A story of an exquisite outfit

A story of a exquisite outfit

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I decided to visit a Crafts Fair in search for inspiration. Tussar silks, handmade fabrics, and intricate designs greeted me as I navigated my way through the fair. Somewhere along the way, I bumped into Mrs. Sandeep Goyal and introduced myself. She seemed very intrigued with my indulgences in the world of fashion. Little did I know she would seek me out to make her a beautiful dress for a close family wedding.

Mrs. Goyal had a fabric that she wanted to be designed into a beautiful, fitted kurta. I was charged with the task of finding a suitable fabric to complement the kurta, and turning it into a lower for the kurta. I decided to choose a light netted fabric to highlight the kurta’s vibrant colours and beauty. Further, she had requested for a few tassels to be included in the outfit and we had to ensure the tassels enhanced her outfit without taking away from the beauty of the fabrics altogether.

White Lehenga

However, as I looked at the ‘finished’ outfit, I knew there was something missing. My gut would not allow me to turn over a dress that I knew had more potential so I set myself in search of the one thing that would complete the outfit. Armed with some ideas in mind, and my trusted instincts, I scoured the markets and settled on an exquisite lace to grace the borders of her lehenga.



I waited in silent anticipation as the final dress was being prepared, but all the efforts seemed worth it when I set eyes on the finished product. The dress was complete. Mrs. Goyal was overjoyed when she received the dress and instantly sent me pictures in it. It was such a joy to see how confident and beautiful she felt in the outfit. At the end of the day, that happy smile on the face of a satisfied customer is what a designer lives for.



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