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Take the political sloganeering of this election cycle and add in fashion’s current love of merchandise and you have this season’s boldest trend: the slogan T-shirt.
There’s been one of the leading trend hitting the fashion scene this season, and that’s the slogan T-shirt. Everywhere you look, from the high street shops to street style fusionist as and bloggers, T-shirts have been emblazoned with Flashy statements. Some are funny because they’re good jokes, some are funny because they’re classics, and a large number are funny simply because someone would actually wear them. Everyone has been presenting their thoughts through their T-shirts. Slogan T-shirt not only look cool but they are also a sneaky way of expressing how we really feel.

Recent slogans seen on runway shows from New York to Paris, the wordy tees are everywhere. What’s more is that it’s fashion’s headiest designers who’ve taken up the trend, with
Haider Ackermann showing versions that read “Silent Soldier,” and “Be Your Own Hero” and
Peter Saville saying “Futuresex” and “Canned Candies.”,
Paco Rabanne’s Julien Dossena sending out collaborative tops with graphic designer
Sacai (“-ashion is a assio-” read as: “fashion is a passion”), and
Carven (a micro-printed brand mantra in French) was similarly obtuse,
Left to stir intrigue rather than broadcast a clear point.

Like a tattoo, the slogan T-shirt has become the celebrity’s weapon of choice in order to make a statement without saying a word. When was the last time you wore a slogan T-shirt out of the house?
Look at the slogans below, find your favorite slogan T- shirt and let your tee do the talking:

1. You can’t sit with us
2. These are the days
3. No photos please



4. Save a horse ride cowboy
5. Like a virgin
6. Move your ass


7. Cherry coke let’s get outrageous
8. I have nothing to wear
9. Last clean shirt


10. It’s you not me.
11. Ron Dorff Discipline Sweatshirt
12. Gucci Ghost Sweatshirt


13. Justin Bieber Purpose Tour T-shirt
14. Kit Neale Bill Clinton T-Shirt
15. Art Disco Happy Daze Print T-Shirt


16. PS By Paul Smith Lip Up Slogan T-Shirt
17. ASOS Rainbow Text Back Print T-Shirt


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