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When it comes to skincare, charcoal is the latest trend right now. This light black residue has grown out to become the new source of marketing ingredient for beauty companies, serving as a magnet that sucks out bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and all other chemical toxins from the body.
While the sheer idea of applying the same substance we use to fire our grills on our face sounds absolutely absurd, charcoal is actually a common additive used by many skincare professionals. Dermatologists use it as part of their skin treatments to detoxify the harmful toxins from the body. It’s even been adopted by hospitals to cure poison and prevent absorption into the bloodstream.
As the hype continues to build, more avid groomists are starting to recognize and acknowledge the benefits of activated charcoal and its magic skin repair properties. And with more brands embracing the mystical additive, we’re witnessing an increase in cosmetic products featuring the black sooty material made to keep our skin feeling and looking fresher than a newborn’s skin. Body scrubs, facial cleansers, shower gels, and even wash clothes — let’s take a look at the market’s best charcoal skincare products.
Activated Charcoal face & Body Wrap
All that sweat and muck thanks to your daily commute means dull skin and frequent breakouts. A charcoal mask will clear up clogged pores, exfoliate dead cells and soothe irritated skin.

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• Foam by Pond’s
It looks like gruel, but it’ll make your face shine brighter than a torchlight in a coal mine. Almost.

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• Active Clean three-in-One Shower Gel by Nivea Men
It’s inexpensive, fuss-free, smells great and you can use it on your face, body and hair. Your gym kit should never be without it.

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• Origins clear improvement purifying charcoal body wash
A serene blend of charcoal, mint, and several premium oils, Origins body wash delivers a stimulating bathing experience that leaves skin totally rejuvinated. The smell of clove and wintergreen provides a sense of relaxation, whereas the charcoal elements spread easily across the body to encapsulate and sift build up.

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• Boscia revitalizing black hydration gel
Boscia’s definitive moisturizer features artichoke leaf extract, pomegranate enzyme, and Vitamin C with a touch of charcoal to produce “ultralight hydration.” In simpler words, it calms skin inflammation and minimizes pores to detoxify the body.

• Binchotan charcoal body scrub towel
Exfoliating with a washcloth just got simpler. This body scrub towel is absorbed in charcoal and works hand-in-hand with your favorite body wash to eliminate excess oil and toxins.

• Herbivore botanicals bamboo charcoal bar soap
This ebony block of soap is loaded with bamboo charcoal and essential oils that keep your outer shell purified from head to toe. Besides lathering quickly, it attacks the grime stuck in your pores and protects them from harsh detergents.
• Clinique for men charcoal face wash
Clinique’s gel wash delivers deep-clean action to remove surface dirt and oil with finesse. Lathering proves to be just as smooth process. And its unique blend of bamboo charcoal, caffeine, and glycerine restores skin and has you feeling fresh after morning or night washes.

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