Some Very Helpful Hacks That’ll Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

DIY Shoe-Hacks

From flats to strapped sandals, shoes to high heels, everything is so much expensive and with each passing day there is something new in the market which makes your footwear outdated. To deal with these issues we have brought some DIY hacks. Especially for fashion girls who believe in trying new and funky things, here are DIY hacks for you. Yes!  With the use of minimal decoration, from the old ballet shoe you can make excellent decorative shoes that look like new. Lately more and more girls replace their monochrome ballet shoe with those fashionable shoes which have some accessories and look very modern and unique. If you want to try out this style, you don’t need to buy new ones. With the help of our description given below, you can choose your favorite idea of being fashionable.

It can be anything, your daily slippers, shoes and round-flat bellies; everything can be altered these days. Old things can be transformed into brand new things. Here is an example of sneakers transformed into studded sneakers. Take a basic pair of sneakers, add a few studs and spikes and you’ve got an on trend pair of cool DIY studded converse to call your own!

Tools and Materials:

  • One pair of high top sneakers (converse can also be used)
  • Studs and spikes
  • Glue
  • Screwdriver (used for spikes with screws)
  • Awl or sharp scissors (to poke holes)

DIY Shoe-Hacks


Take the studs and stick it on one side of the shoe and do the same for the other shoe as well. With the picture given below, it is clearly visible how to put the studs and I am sure you’ll not face any problem.

Now stick the round studs around the logo of the shoes as shown in the image given below.

After this use the scissor or awl to make holes at the back of the shoes. Make 4-5 holes and from the inner side of the shoe pass the screw of the cones. Apply some glue over it and put the cones. In the picture given below, the procedure is clearly visible. The shoes will look as given in the image. See! How your simple converse has been converted into a funky pair of shoe.

Below are few more DIY hacks for flat bellies. You can reincarnate them with your funky ideas and with those also which are represented here in the given images below. Those simple, single colour shoes with these hacks would be new and stylish. Many of you might get into wrong thoughts about the cost and time but let me assure you no time and extra expensive things would be required for this.

Here, in this first picture there is a flat black colour shoe which is with the help of studs and stars is made new and fashionable.

In the last image of this article, the simple brown shoes have been made funky by coloring its top with golden colour.

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