Everybody loves wearing fancy perfumes and smell nice all the time. The only problem we come across is, the scent fades away after just a few hours and we end up reapplying it throughout the day. What sucks most is that, our bottle finishes way earlier than it should. To help you avoid buying your favourite bottle of perfume so frequently, here are a few tips and tricks to make the scent last throughout the day!
• Apply right out of shower
Perfume gives the best results when applied right after a shower. Your pores tend to open up and trap the scent in keeping you smelling amazing throughout the day!

Apply right out of shower

• Always moisturize
A moisturized, oily skin is best to make your perfume last longer. Perfumes do not stay for long on dry skin and so, make sure you apply on healthy and plump skin. It’s even better if your moisturizer is of the same scent as your perfume.

Avoid applying perfume to broken or injured skin as the chemicals in the perfume can cause irritation and infections.

Always moisturize

• Apply on pulse points
The best place to apply perfume, contrary to popular belief, is not the underarms but all the pulse points of your body or the warm areas. Since the veins are closest to these points, they leave you smelling as gorgeous as ever!

Behind the ears, wrists, behind the knee and the neck are some of the places you should apply your perfume to.

Apply on pulse points

• Do not rub your wrists together
Most of us make the mistake of rubbing our wrists together after spraying the perfume assuming it helps it to stay longer. Well, here’s the thing, it actually ends up making the scent fade quicker since it breaks up the perfume.

So, remember to apply perfume on both your wrists and not rub them together!

Do not rub your wrists together

• Apply before getting dressed
If you apply perfume on your clothes, it will not stay for long and you will have to keep on reapplying it throughout the day. Your skin before getting dressed it damp and soaks the scent in your body and leaves you smelling amazing throughout the day.

Another drawback of spraying perfume on your clothes is, it can end up leaving stain marks that might take a long time to fade away.

Apply before getting dressed

• Spray from a distance
Spraying perfume so close your body gives out a stronger and more overwhelming scent and can tend to fade away quickly. For a lighter and more lasting scent, spray the perfume away from your body and walk into it. This makes the scent distribute evenly and stay for a longer period of time.

Spray from a distance

• Spray you pillow with perfume
If you spray your pillows before sleeping with a light and calming scent, it will not only help you relax while sleeping but also make your hair smell that way at all times.

Spray you pillow with perfume


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