How to style quiff hairstyle

How to style quiff hairstyle

In a world where women’s hair generally gets the bulk of attention, it’s refreshing to see a stylish men’s haircut able to grab a portion of the spotlight to shine. The Quiff haircut is that one combines elements of the pompadour, the flat-top and even Mohawk. Here is a list of few best quiffs we have rounded up for you!

Since 1950s the quiff has risen in popularity and various spin offs from the original style leading trends over the past few years it’s a hairstyle that’s here to stay. From Elvis to David Beckham, celebrities have inspired the popularity of the quiff throughout the past few decades. The quiff is also extremely versatile, making it the perfect cut for casual and formal attire.

The best thing which I like about quiff and think that most of you would agree to this is that, it is very neat and clean, polished or has that messy bed head look that is incredibly popular in modern hairstyles for men. If you really want to try something new, classy and bit funky, go for quiff hairstyle.

  1. Short Spiky Quiff:

How to style quiff hairstyle

Short, spiky and expertly coiffed, this quiff haircut combines the best of both words, as it is somehow messy and sleek all at once. If you want a stylish representation of the men’s quiff, this is it.

  1. High Pompadour Quiff:

How to style quiff hairstyle

There is something sexy and so retro and when we combine it with the classic quiff, the result which we get is really amazing. It is given a lift and carefully combed back; this gives us a pompadour quiff.

  1. Extreme Spiked Quiff:

How to style quiff hairstyle

When you think of a quiff haircut, many modern versions look very smart and cool. In this the hairdo is extremely spiked in the top, so it largely resembles the punk rock look of the Mohawk.

  1. Dishevelled Quiff:

How to style quiff hairstyle

For men, the modern quiff can look any way you like, even if you prefer to wear it short and a little messy looking. While the short length keeps this haircut understated, the dishevelled top offers a bit of edge.

  1. Spiky Quiff with Faded Sides:

How to style quiff hairstyle

The Quiff hairstyle is the one that allows you to play with the sides. You can opt to wear them totally full, closely clipped or faded. In very recent days this hairstyle was very common with the youngsters, few inspired from Virat Kohli (cricketer).

  1. Extra Voluminous Feathered Quiff:

How to style quiff hairstyle

For the bold and experimenting guys out there, this extreme quiff is totally amazing! Incorporating a little bit of rockabilly, a little bit of punk rock, and a whole lot of edge, this modern quiff looks stunning from every angle.

  1. Finger Combed Quiff:

How to style quiff hairstyle

This laid back Quiff haircut looks effortless because of the longer length and the way it is finger combed. Many hair Quiffs these days are styled with fingers instead of using a comb or other styling tools.

These are few major quiff hairstyles which one could go for and rock with their classy and different look!

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