Popular Fashion Trends Around the Globe

Popular fashion trends around the globe

Everybody wants to be updated with the latest fashion of the world. People sometimes go being trendy without noticing that it might lead them to health problems as well. The reality is that fashion can be good as well as bad at the same time for your body. Certain types are there which should be avoided in case to keep yourselves away from but which one should you avoid?

1. Skinny Jeans: These are so common among ones wardrobe. They make a girl look more hot but at the cost of her life. With the jeans having no room increases the various health risks which one could face. Not only women are at risk but men also face problems due to skin fit jeans. For men, tight jeans cause overheating in the testicles, which temporarily lowers their sperm count. To prevent this, make sure you wear jeans with some room so that you feel comfortable, as oppose to numbingly stiff.

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2. High Heels: For today’s female generation heels seem to be the most important part. They consider heels to be their all time best friend. Well, studies show that every third women develop foot problems due to high heels. Stilettos not only cram your toes together, they also realign your foot shape completely. Doctors say that regular use of high heels may cause dislocation of spine and posture issues. If heels are compulsory for daily use, try wearing small height heel with soft insole to increase comfort.

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3. Tight undergarments: Men and women are prone to wearing tight undergarments. For men, tight undergarments restrict the air entering your skin that causes a breeding ground for bacteria and increases the chance of developing a low sperm count. For women, the synthetic fabrics of their underwear can cause urinary infections. Instead of wearing tight, synthetic pants, opt for soft, cotton materials.

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4. Heavy handbags: Trendy handbags are the new definition of latest fashion among the young generation. But ladies pack all the times from pin to plane in their bags. Due to this there are growing concern s that heavy handbags are detrimental to the woman’s posture. Carrying around several pounds in your hand bag adds pressure to your neck, back and spine, and ultimately results in a curved posture. To prevent this from happening, clear you handbag of non-essential items.

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5. Body piercing: body piercing has become a worldwide fashion trends for men and women in the last few decades. Most piercings are scientifically approved and verified and are safe for health as well. In some cases, due to lack of cleanliness after the procedure leads to infections, and can result in removal if not treated properly. If you do go for bodily piercings, ensure that the correct and safe instruments are used for the procedure. Do constantly clean the affected area without any sort of carelessness for healthy and clean piercing.

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We have come up with few fashion trends that are so very common among the youngsters. There is no harm in following them but as our elders have said everything has bad as well good consequence and so do these trends also have. Be the trendy chic/ handsome hunk, without having ill effects of it on you.

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