Revv up your plain saree with this designer blouse

Revv up your plain saree with this designer blouse

The blouse is effectively just a one-meter piece of cloth. However, the satisfaction of any client rests on the beauty and design of this part of their outfit.

I was faced with such a situation when my client approached me with a saree, she had bought for her future daughter-in-law. It was a red silk saree complemented by beautifully woven patterns in golden thread over the black border. The colour of the blouse was a contrasting black with the same golden pattern.

As the auspicious day of ceremonies drew close, I was asked to create a designer blouse for the new member of the family.

With all this daunting challenge before me, I invited the beautiful lady who was to wear this piece over for a cup of to get to know her personality and unique interests. In my opinion, a designer must always be fully aware of the needs and particular likes of the client. Thus, I always go the extra mile to get the closest approximation to the design in the client’s mind. Further, I also noticed the style and design that would best complement her as well as ensure the grace of the saree was enhanced.

I had a special idea in mind for her dress which I was able to discuss with her. The blouse was to be of a solid black colour to maintain focus on the saree’s border. However, it was to be enhanced by the uniqueness of the tassels. Instead of acquiring standard tassels off the shelf, I decided to craft these from the fabric itself. For this purpose, I searched vehemently for and managed to rope in a special craftsman. He created, in black and golden, silk balls that matched the pattern of the border.

A beautiful designer black blouse with golden border

My heart was in anticipation of her reaction as the date for her fitting approached. I was overjoyed to observe how happy she was with the finished product. Her mother-in-law who had purchased and gifted her the saree could hardly hold back her tears. I was glad the risk I took with the bold blouse paid off so well. Ultimately, the happiness of a bride on her special day is what a designer lives for.

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