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No two person are like, same goes for their body structure (size, shape and height) and definition. Some have short height while some have tall; may have wide shoulder and narrow torso while other may not.
Shopping is the easiest yet trickiest process of one’s entire life, when a person is aware of what suits them, thing become easy.
Our todays focus is on formal wear such as suits that add on to the personality too well. Here a guide to what suit one should ware bases on their body structure.


It might sound quite opposite and different; one of the oldest trick is: when you’re short, you want to tailor everything shorter. The hems of your pants and jacket should both have a cropped look so your clothes aren’t swallowing you up. Also this add on to an advantage to short people as they can pull off way more colors and patterns.
As far as height is concerned ass these fashion tricks to get the perfect result.
• Make your hairstyle such that they add to your height.
• Vertical stripes also give the heighted look you desire.
• If your jacket is an inch too long, it makes you look an inch shorter.


Other suggestion:
To elongate your torso ask your tailor for a lower-than-usual button stance on your jacket. Wide lapels and wide ties are big no no.
Don’t wear a belt with your suit, this can break up your body and make you look short. If you are getting a stiched suit, you won’t need a belt. Be wary of too long a suit jacket, as this will make your legs look shorter than they are.
In terms of style, a one or two button suit is the best option for your body shape.

As far as height is concerned ass these fashion tricks to get the perfect result.
• Make your hairstyle such that they reduce to your height (trimmed down look).
• Horizontal stripes help with taller people to appear smaller.
• A taller guy needs a taller cuff.
• We also chose a jacket with shoulder pads to broaden him out a little


Other Suggestions:
Adding a belt to your look will help you break up your body and not look dauntingly tall. Another way to do that is by keep your button done up.
If you are quite tall, you don’t want to be wearing anything else slim. Always opt for wide lapels and ties.
In terms of style, a one or three buttoned suit is the best option for your body shape.
Even if you are going for a casual look, it is a good idea to keep your shirt tucked in as this will keep things clean and slim.
Ensure your suit is well fitted (tight) and there is no ‘comfort’ room like so many larger gentleman tend to opt for.
In terms of style, a two-button suit or double-breast is your best friend. Try to keep your jacket buttoned at all times.

Opting for shirts with simple shades and fabrics adds on to your style. A bold tie and awesome pocket square will draw the attention to your chest, and make you look slim. Try not to go for regular or slim looking ties.


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