Why successful people choose to wear same thing everyday

Why successful people choose to wear same thing everyday

If you have ever wondered why some successful people choose to wear the similar looking outfit every day, or better yet, if you are considering adopting a more streamlined wardrobe yourself, here are 8 compelling reasons:
1. Less decisions.
Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a lengthy session of decision making. For people who make significant decisions every day, removing one as choosing clothes in the morning, leaves them with more mental space and better productivity all through the day.

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2. Less time wastage.
We have no idea how much of a burden our possessions have become until we begin to take them out. But when we do, we immediately discover a new life of freedom and opportunity. It was almost five years ago that an experimented with Project 333—a personal challenge of wearing only 33 articles of clothing for a period of three months. It’s a simple project, life-changing, and wildly beneficial. People quickly discovered one of the greatest benefits of limiting my closet: the gift of time. Getting ready in the morning became easier, quicker, and more efficient.

Less time wastage - Fashion Trends and Tips
3. Less stress.
An art director in New York cites both decision fatigue and less time getting ready as her reason for wearing the similar type of outfit every day. But she adds another: less stress specifically, during the day over the decision originally made in the morning. “Is this too formal? Is that too out there? Is this dress too short? Almost always, I would choose something to be regretted as soon as I reached the subway platform.” But now, in her silk white trademark shirt and black trousers, she has one less source of anxiety during the day.

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4. Less wasted energy.
Fixed wardrobe offers an important distinction when referred to “wasted energy.” Not only do large wardrobes require more decision-making, but also require more maintenance, more organization, and more shuffling around. Additionally, while a fixed wardrobe may not result in less laundry, it does result in both easier laundry and storage.

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5. Feeling put together.
A young mother exchanged her full, disorganized closet for a minimal wardrobe of versatile pieces she loves to wear. She summarizes the difference like this, “Pre-decided, my wardrobe was like the Cheesecake Factory menu. It lasted for days and it was overwhelming. Most of my options did not fit well, it did not look good, or simply they did not like. On the other hand, my fixed wardrobe is like a fine dining restaurant. I have fewer choices but I can be sure all of the choices will be amazing.”

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6. Iconic.
An article from J. Crew magazine brought a new word into the reasoning for wearing a uniform. They called it “Iconic. A cheap and easy way to feel famous.” they wrote, “A uniform can be a way of performing embodiment of maturity or, less charitably, impersonating it. A uniform insinuates the sort of sober priorities that ossify with age, as well as a past deliberate editing and enhancement. “As they pointed out that wearing the same outfit every day is a way of asserting your status as a protagonist. “This is the reason why the characters of a pictorial books never change their clothes: Children like adults, if they’d only admit it crave continuity.”

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7. Less expense.
Our cabinets are full of clothes and shoes purchased, but rarely worn. The average American family spends $ 1,700 a year on clothes. Which may not seem like a lot until you consider that most clothing purchases are not based on need at all. In early years, the average American woman owned nine outfits. Today, that figure is 30 one for every day of the month.

Less expense
Living with a fixed wardrobe or adopting an iconic uniform removes most of the waste and not to mention trial and error all the lost purchasing items only to return later time.
8. More peace.
An article for Refinery 29 highlighting a new stage of life and relationship with clothes. Which stated 40s, and the 20s clothes don’t make sense anymore. And, after babies, the 30s clothes don’t fit anymore. Clothing crossroads, and is sometimes painful.” To counter these feelings, people put themself on a closet diet limiting their wardrobe and only buying items thoughtfully. Months later, their closet is healthy and happy.” Getting dressed is no longer a battle. And there fashion sense is “now quieter and more peaceful”.

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